Asphalt Repair Work

Even the most durable asphalt pavements can show signs of deterioration as the years go by. Roche’s Inc. offers a broad spectrum of asphalt maintenance and repair services to our clients in Jacksonville and surrounding area.

Asphalt crack repair is a important part in preserving a pavement’s condition. Maintaining the surface correctly will not only prolong the asphalt’s longevity, but can also prevent costly repairs in the future. For example, repairing even the tiniest of gaps in the asphalt pavement stops water from seeping into it. Failure of such prevention will most likely result in the creation of a pot hole.

From filling in large pot holes to smaller cracks, Roche’s Inc. is an industry leader in repairing damaged asphalt.

Roche’s Inc. use only the top of the line equipment and materials during our asphalt repair jobs. On top of that, our highly skilled crews have years of experience when it comes to repairing asphalt.

We takes pride in how quickly we can complete any asphalt repair job. Not only do we finish the job in a timely matter, we also work around our clients’ busy schedule. We understand that any repair work can negatively affect business if gone about the wrong way. We have years of experience of working efficiently without affecting our clients’ business negatively.

Possible Cause For Asphalt Deterioration

  • Overly thin asphalt layer

  • Weak foundation

  • Earth movement

  • Overly thick asphalt layer

  • Heavy vehicles

  • Seasonal thaw-freeze cycle

  • Tree roots

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